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We love the architectural use of quality timber for the construction of windows and doors. Timber designs can range from sleek and modern to raw and rustic. Traditional western themes or geometric patterns can be inspired by the experienced use of timber. With much heartache we have managed to whittle down a list of timber window and door designs to our Top 7. The range of different designs showcases the wonderful versatility of timber architecture.

Timber Awning Windows – Bevali House

Bevali House in India demonstrates the inspired use of stone, concrete and timber to create an earthy and rustic living quarters that is a direct reflection of its surroundings. It is located within a five acre rice plantation, creating a multi-levelled landscape that has been the catalyst for the construction of a unique agricultural home. The beautiful timber windows are a simple yet elegant double stacked awning design that we absolutely love.


Timber Pivot Door – Brise House

Located in Rio de Janeiro and constructed in 2013, Brise House is a modern marvel of wood and steel. The house revolves around a peaceful inner sanctuary with large windows allowing natural light to flood into the surrounding rooms. A doorway is a barrier between external and internal and it can signal much about the interior design of a house. The thick oak front door not only keeps out the sounds of the noisy Brazilian neighbourhood but it is magnificently modern. The contrasting darker oak panel hints at a Spartan elegance which resonates strongly with the quality Italian interior design.


Timber Sliding Doors – Galley Kitchen

A galley kitchen is the preferred home kitchen design of many chefs. The design is contemporary but most importantly functional. Galley kitchens are usually composed of dual countertops 4-5 feet apart allowing for easy access to cabinets and ample workspace. This particular space uses warm walnut timber to create a streamlined and industrial feel that is immersed in glowing natural light flowing through the wide framed timber sliding door and fixed windows. Chef or not, we think anybody would be happy to cook up a storm in this kitchen.



Geometric Timber Door – Ant Farm House

This grandiose faceted wooden door is a stunning entrance to a modern-western Taipei stone house. Standing seven metres tall the doorway encapsulates the extreme use of height and interconnected vertical spaces that have resulted in the home being nicknamed the ‘Ant Farm’. We love the creative geometric timber design that resembles an off kilter herringbone pattern. The interior design follows the lead of this magnificent timber door with geometric wooden furniture found throughout.



Sliding Timber Doors – Richmond, Melbourne

These top hung sliding ledge and brace doors are made from Tasmanian Oak. The doors are a traditional style commonly found in old farm houses or garages. They utilise simple yet strong Mortise & Tenon joinery. The timber doors were constructed by Whetstone Joinery in the Richmond area in Melbourne, Australia. Western Red Cedar Shiplap boards were used for the cladding on the twin storage sheds. The combination of stone and timber creates an earthy feel and adds warmth to the rustic courtyard.


Timber Window Shutters – Sao Paulo

Elegant and modern timber window shutters were designed for the residents of this apartment building in Sao Paulo to control the amount of daylight that shines into their living spaces. Buy Vinyl Records Online. Small square holes evenly distributed across the timber window screens provide a stylish façade that has its origins with traditional carved Arabian Mashrabiyas. Contrastingly, the jarring concrete slabs create a Brutalist architectural finish that is typically implemented throughout Sao Paulo.


Timber Louvre Windows – Kew, Melbourne

Designed and constructed by Whetstone Joinery, these double glazed windows are made from kiln dried Victorian Ash and feature louvre windows with timber blades. Located in Kew, East of Melbourne – the large glass windows help to blur the boundary between the indoors and outdoors of this modern Asian inspired environment. Doubled glazed for extra insulation, the timber casement and louvre windows feature fixed sashes and weather seals.