Period & Heritage Windows and Doors Melbourne

Whetstone Windows & Doors specialises in period and traditional style windows and doors, perfect for established traditional homes and traditionally inspired new homes in Melbourne and greater Victoria.

Our expertise includes but is not limited to: Georgian to French Provincial, Victorian to Federation, Edwardian to War Time, Post War to Mid Century style windows and doors.

Having worked on many prestigious projects with buildings subject to Heritage Victoria requirements, the team at Whetstone Windows & Doors takes great pride in our ability to replicate period timber windows and doors that fit seamlessly into the fabric of older buildings.

Period Style Windows Melbourne

Period Replications for Windows

  • Traditional weight and cord double hung windows
  • Traditional casement windows
  • Arched, bow and bay windows
  • Porthole windows
period windows melbourne

Period Replications for Doors

  • Traditional French doors
  • Doors featuring mortise and tenon (not stick-on) glazing bars, and traditional paneling
  • Arched top doors
  • Traditional entry doors and frames to match your period windows beautifully
Heritage windows Melbourne

We welcome the opportunity to be a part of the early design and development of your project. Our knowledge, research capabilities, and experience can provide solutions to help brainstorm and plan your unique project.

Period-correct Traditional windows and doors

Added features to your Period-correct Traditional windows and doors for your Melbourne home.

At Whetstone Windows & Doors, not only do our windows and doors feature traditional mortise and tenon joinery methods, but we also fit compression seals to stop any air leakage that might occur between opening doors or sashes, and the surrounding jamb/frame that they are encased within. We can double glaze any Traditional window or door.

Whetstone Windows & Doors service all residential properties throughout Melbourne and greater Victoria.

Choose Whetstone Windows & Doors for your Period-correct Traditional Window and Door Restoration.

For more information on our period window and door expertise, get in touch today.