Timber Single Hung Windows Melbourne

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Single Hung Windows are also known as Double Hung windows with one fixed sash. Single Hung windows can also be an alternative to Double Hung when budget has an influence.

Other benefits to using a Single Hung window instead of a Double Hung include overlooking constraints, privacy considerations, and fall hazard considerations when there is a substantial drop outside the window. This can be rectified when the bottom sash is fixed, and the top openable.

Our Double Hung windows feature compression seals to minimize air leaks, allow for smooth operation and eliminate rattle.

We use a pre-stretched nylon sash cord that won’t break.

We provide a range of glazing options available to improve the energy efficiency of your Single Hung windows.

Both Timber framed and Aluminium framed flyscreens are available to use with Single Hung Windows.

When to use a Single Hung Window.

  • When you’re matching existing windows.
  • When a traditional look is important.
  • When airflow and heat extraction is important.
  • When you don’t want an opened window to protrude outside.
  • When fall hazards restraints are required.

Hardware for Single Hung Windows

See below for a very small selection of sash lifts and fasteners that are available. Hardware is available in a broad range of finishes and styles.

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