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Timber Sliding Doors Melbourne

Increase the amount of natural light into your Melbourne home with custom sliding timber doors.

As the leading designers and manufacturers of timber doors and windows in Melbourne, Whetstone Windows & Doors can provide the perfect solution for your home. One of our most popular products, our timber sliding doors and stacking doors can be custom made to suit your requirements.

Functional and aesthetically timeless, our custom timber sliding doors allow for an increased amount of natural light to enter, opening and brightening up your interior spaces all year round.

Timber Windows & Doors
Timber Windows & Doors

Our sliding systems are designed to carry door panels as heavy as 450kg each, providing you with a huge range of choices when it comes to its design and construction. To ensure ultimate longevity, we use the highest quality timber sliding door hardware for both the top hung and bottom roller sliding systems – we provide top hung, European lift & slide, and bottom roller options.

Timber Sliding Doors: Why are they so popular?

  • They are perfect for improving the ventilation and air airflow in your home.
  • They open up your home to the outdoors, without imposing on deck or patio space.
  • You can maximise the energy efficiency of the sliding doors with our range of double glazing options with or without Low E coating.
  • Timber Sliding Doors allow for larger size panels, so you can enjoy uninterrupted views of the outside and an increase in the amount of natural light into your home.
  • Timber Sliding Doors are easy to open and close which is a great choice for users with more limited abilities.
  • We can adapt retractable fly screens to your doors with ease.

Operating systems for your Timber Sliding Doors.

Sliding Door Systems

We use various hardware systems for our sliding doors.

Top Hung systems allow for large panels and are great for high traffic areas. Each door is carried from the top of the frame. Four wheel rollers are positioned at each top corner of the moving panels. This allows for smooth operation. Top hung door units require the head of the frame to be fixed to a supporting lintel or beam above the door unit.

Bottom Roller doors are ideal for more standard size doors, or where top hung is not achievable due to the design of the home or building. We can manufacture very large doors that are bottom roller, we simply up-spec the hardware to suit.

Lift & Slide doors are European designed. As the name suggests, a lever is turned 180 degrees to lift the door off the sill to open, the door then slides open. Once the door is closed, the lever is then turned back 180 degrees to lock, the door sits directly on the sill in the locked position which seals extremely well. Lift & slide doors allow for extremely efficient glass due to their thickness of 68mm (inside to outside).

All of our systems are extremely high quality. We can help you choose the right system for your home.   

Door Locks & Handles

For our Sliding Door hardware, we can offer many different styles and brands to meet your aesthetic and functional requirements.

Sliding Doors can be used in both contemporary and traditional architecture and there is door hardware to suit both applications. 

The hardware for our Sliding Doors comes in a wide variety of  options: Polished or Satin Chrome, Polished or Satin Stainless Steel, Brass, Antique Brass, Antique Copper and Black.

Pictured here is just a small selection of door hardware that is available…

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