Timber options for Longevity, Energy Efficiency & the Enviroment

Using Timber for energy efficiency and sustainability.

At Whetstone Windows & Doors we manufacture our products with the highest quality FSC certified timber.

As well as being aesthetically pleasing, Timber is favoured in residential applications from an energy efficiency standpoint. Timber-framed windows perform extremely well due to excellent thermal properties. In fact, timber windows rate better than aluminium in creating a thermal barrier between inside and outside temperatures.

We highly recommend sustainable timber types so we can all do our bit to take care of the world we live in.

These are some of the timber species we work with:

  • Kiln Dried Victorian Ash
  • Blackbutt
  • Accoya
  • Western Red Cedar

Please ask us how we can assist you in making the right choice in materials.

Contemporary Timber Doors

Timber Protection & Longevity

If your products are being painted we offer to white factory prime/undercoat our products when requested by our customers. We use a high-quality white primer and apply two coats. We prime prior to glass and hardware being installed for maximum coverage.

If your products are being stained we can offer to clear prime/undercoat our products when requested by our customers. We use a high-quality clear primer and apply two coats. We prime prior to glass and hardware being installed for maximum coverage.

Will you have to maintain your windows?

Many people believe that Aluminium windows will be a lot less maintenance than Timber windows. The Truth is, if you get these four points right when choosing and installing your windows you’re sure to be extremely happy with them for a long time to come.

  • Timber selection: There are different levels of density and durability to consider when it comes to selecting the right timber for your project.
  • Joinery methods: Many window companies use joinery methods that help their bottom line, but don’t strongly consider the value for money and longevity of their product. At Whetstone Windows & Doors we use mortise & tenon joinery for our doors & Sashes, then trench our frame components using our state of the art CNC machine. We use Polyurethane adhesives & quality sealants to stop water infiltration.
  • Sealing/Staining/Painting: It is paramount that the painting products that are used to finish your windows & doors are of the highesat quality, the correct procedure is carried out, & end grain sealants are used when staining or oiling. We recommend two top coats on windows & doors, & a third coat externally on products that are highly exposed to the elments. Don’t cut corners, or let your trades cut corners!
  • Installation: Your windows & Doors are an assett to your beautiful home. Ensuring your products are installed square & plumb, & flashed properly is critical to their longevity.

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